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3 Timeless and Cute Formal Hairstyles That Are Easy to Create

Sometimes, certain events call for elegant hair and nothing else will do! Whether you're attending a ball (yes, there are still balls!), a benefit, or some other event that demands an ultra-classy and sophisticated look, elegant formal hair styles are a necessity. If you are assuming you're going to have to spend a fortune at a salon, think again! Some of these looks are actually the easiest styles to create.

As with other looks, it's always recommended to try these out before the actual event. This gives you the opportunity to see which look you like the best so you're not in a panic trying to change styles at the last minute.

Twisted Low Pony Tail

It can be tempting to slick your hair back into a low ponytail or a bun, but elegant hair doesn't have to be quite so neat. Use rollers or a curling iron to put your hair in ringlets. To create a twisted ponytail, start at your face and twist one inch pieces of hair to create rolls all the way to the nape of your neck, and pin in place. You can then either create a low ponytail, or use a barrette or a flower to hold the hair together at the neck. Finally, gently fluff the curls hanging down from the neck.

Ballerina Bun

Although low buns are typically thought of when one visualizes formal hairstyles, the ballerina bun is a youthful, chic alternative. This is a look that never goes out of style and is perfect for humid conditions, so you won't have to worry about losing your look because of the weather.

A ballerina bun is easiest to achieve with second-day hair because the natural oils will help hold the style in place. If your hair is not straight, use an iron to create a sleek look, paying close attention to the roots.

Now, use a boar brush to put your hair into a high ponytail at the crown of your head. Lift the ponytail into the air and then twist clockwise to create a small bun. Fan the hair around the bun and pin it in place. You may want to add hair accessories around the bun or on the side of your head to dress the look up a bit.

French Twist

There are many variations of the French twist that are extremely elegant. These can be done with curly or straight hair, all up or half down, with hair accessories added or without. The French twist can offer you elegant hair with a ton of different looks.

Although you can tweak this look many different ways, it's easiest to begin by brushing your hair back from your forehead and gathering it at the nape of your neck. Now, twist the hair in a clockwise direction twice to hold the base near your head.

Holding the ponytail in one hand, extend it toward the ceiling in the other. Fold the hair about one-third of the way from the top and curl the folded ponytail so you create a twist. When the hair is twisted where you want it, hold it in place with bobby pins.

With a little practice, you will find you can create these this style anywhere on your head - off-center, diagonal, horizontal, or even one on each side of your head while leaving the back of your hair down. You are truly only limited by your own creativity and imagination here.


I hope you enjoyed this summary of my 3 most favorite elegant formal hairstyles of all time. Of course, these hairstyles are primarily for women with longer hair - click for an overview of some of my favorite short hairstyles of all time.

And of course, feel free to browse my site at for answers to all your hairstyling questions. Enjoy!

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6 Easy and Fun Summer Hairstyles

There's no doubt about it - women's hairstyles and updos should change with the seasons, and summer is certainly no exception. As such, this article aims to provide ideas for 6 cute summer hairstyles that you can wear at both casual and formal events.

And best of all, most of these summer hair styles incorporate some form of a ponytail. Thus, they are super simple to create, taking only a couple of minutes each! Read on, save time and look stunning!

Side Bun Hairstyle

This stunning hairstyle features an elegant side bun. For create this, you will need a hair tie, bobby pins, and (optionally) a nice hair accessory like a ribbon or flower. Simply gather your hair into a side ponytail and secure it with the elastic hair tie. If you opt for a hair accessory, make sure you affix it to the front side of the ponytail as you secure it. Once the ponytail is complete, simply wrap it around the base and the hair accessory to form the bun, and hold it all in place with a couple of bobby pins. Easy, fun, and elegant!

Japanese Top Bun

The next of our fabulous and quick cute summer hairstyles is the Japanese inspired top bun. For this style, the first step is to gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with a hair tie that is roughly the same color as your natural hair. Now, when you secure the pony, do not go all the way with it; leave a loop. Then tuck the end of the ponytail into the loop to form a bun, fan the bun out slightly, and secure it into place with a few bobby pins. Add an elegant hair accessory to complete the look.

Braided Side Knot

The third of our summer haircuts, the braided side knot, begins with a side ponytail. Then split the pony into 2 sections and braid them together. Secure the braid with a hair tie, and gently fluff out the braid with your fingers for a little extra volume. Then twist the braided section around itself to form a bun, and secure everything in place with your favorite hair accessory.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Chris Brown Hairstyles Bobs Now Trends

Have hair styles such as artist is the dream of all men, examples such as Chris Brown, had a haircut that is very outstanding, we can see a hairstyle which belonged to Chris Brown, she has a hairstyle Bobs, where it is very short and simple, you will definitely feel the comfort of belonging like Chris Brown.

Chris Brown sexy hairstyles gallery

Chris Brown hairstyles 2012

Chris Brown haircuts bob trendy

Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles Sexy Trendy

Hairstyles and haircuts are indeed will never die, as the development era fashion hair is extremely fast growing, I will take the example of Jennifer Lawrence, an artist's model while the player movie theaters is quite remarkable for a woman, Jennifer Lawrence is an example of a very interesting hair styles, long wavy sexy haircut from and has a blonde color, so very lovely.

Jennifer Lawrence sexy hairstyle
Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles New Trendy 2012 on Movie

Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles
Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles Long Wavy

Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles New Trendy
Jennifer Lawrence Haircuts For Woman Trendy in 2012

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Hairs Michael Oher Players Footballs American

Michael Oher was a star Football Player field that is very outstanding, admirable achievements already he get, maybe this is an achievement through history he

Okay, I will not discuss the matter of achievements nor a bio of Michael Oher, therefore less enters the topic which I will create.

Now I will tell you about something owned fashion Oher, whether it is!!! Yes Yes, you already know about the hair style, but Oher will only match the hair style, because the haircut is suitable for American football Olympic Diver.

Michael Oher, besides having achievements he is also particularly fashion hair style that she had, could we see later in the image which we will provide to you for example men's hair style is a very remarkable cool.

Fashion Hairs Michael Oher Players Footballs American

Michael Oher Players Football

Oher Michael Football Fashion Hairs

M Oher Players Footbal US Hairstyles

Jennifer Lawrence Hollywood Fashion Hairs

Everyone knows for sure about one of the celebrities on this one!!! Who is Jennifer Lawrence, yahh right once, Jennifer is one of the celebrities of Hollywood stars are the most remarkable. This beautiful and sexy woman invites all eyes to glance at it.

But, now he's got some criticism and even he is criticizing something that The Hunger Games, she became a very remarkable on the topic at this time.

However, I am not going to discuss a topic of news, I will discuss about the hairstyles Jennifer Lawrence, artist of this beautiful and sexy hair style has a very amazing, wavy long hair style is the right choice for JL.

Long Wavy haircuts make the atmosphere more extraordinary, you can see later collection photo galleries below, hairstyle haircuts Jennifer Lawrence.

 Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles New Fashion

Jennifer Lawrence Hairstyles New Fashion
Jennifer Lawrence Celebrity Haircuts Long Wavy Trendy

Jennifer Lawrence - Hairstyles Pictures For Woman Trendy Hot 2012
Jennifer Lawrence - Hairstyles Pictures For Woman Trendy Hot 2012

Jennifer Lawrence Actress Hollywood
Haircuts Long Wavy Woman - Jennifer Lawrence Actress Hollywood

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Hairstyles Alex Smith American Football QB

San Francisco 49ers QB (American Football QuarterBack) Alex Smith has endured his share of critism during his NFL career. Smith silenced some of those critics today as he led the 49ers offensive explosion against the overmatched Seahawks defense.

Smith completed 17 of 27 passes for 255 yards and three touchdowns. Smith was able to step in and play efficiently without committing a turnover after being named the starter earlier in the week.

Matt Hasselbeck was just the opposite, throwing four interceptions and losing a fumble for a total of five turnovers on the day. Hasselbeck completed 27 of 42 passes for 285 yards and two touchdowns, but his turnovers proved costly.

RB Marshawn Lynch didn’t fare much better on the ground, rushing for 29 yards on 10 carries. WR Ruvell Martin led the Seahawks in receiving with 73 yards on four receptions and a touchdown.

With the win, the 49ers improve to 5-8 on the season, keeping their slim playoff hopes alive (one game back in the NFC West). The loss drops the Seahawks to 6-7 on the season. Seattle remains in the NFC West chase due to the St. Louis Rams loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Alex Smith American Football Hairstyles Players QuarterBack
Alex Smith American Football Hairstyles Players QuarterBack

Hairstyles Players Football Alex Smith American
Hairstyles Players Football Alex Smith American QuarterBack

Alan Smith Player Quarter Back American Football Trendy Haircuts Bob
Alan Smith Player Quarter Back American Football Trendy Haircuts Bob